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Smart Digital Wayfinding

Take your wayfinding to the next level

Reduce missed transfers with smart wayfinding across terminals and transit vehicles. PADS4 makes it easy to integrate smart wayfinding solutions on digital signs and self-service kiosks, so you can guide customers on their way. With a full suite of tools to integrate smart-sensors, context-based data, and even arrivals/departures, PADS4 helps you take wayfinding to the next level. Offer interactive maps guiding passengers to their platform or stop, show real-time arrivals in maps with estimated time-to-reach destination, or use sensors to estimate foot traffic and guide passengers around terminal congestion or blockages.

Dynamic Wayfinding Tools

Navigate your passengers quickly and decisive to their destination

Offer smarter wayfinding to help passengers find exactly what they need. Integrate PIDS databases and offer real-time directions to platforms, complete with arrivals/departures and estimated time-to-reach destination. Pre-allocate platforms to show upcoming transfers and stopovers, making it easy for passengers to move to the next leg of their journey.


PADS4 offers context-driven rules, making it easy to integrate sensors such as motion detectors and external data, so you can update routes to optimize traffic flow based on congestion, elevator outages, transit delays, or even weather. Context-driven rules allow you to change on-screen data in terminals and even on transit vehicles as arrival times change, when delays happen, as weather changes, and as traffic changes. Passengers always see relevant wayfinding information, even when their transfer is cancelled or delayed. Plus, with native touchscreen support, you can create self-help wayfinding kiosks, reducing demand on customer support.

Connect Data for Real-Time Updates

Connect your FIDS and PIDS databases to PADS4 and offer real-time airport wayfinding to gates and terminals. Get smart, with pre-allocation for gates and baggage belts to flights to automatically update wayfinding and on-screen displays as both change. With context-driven rules, you can update routes to optimize traffic flow based on congestion, escalator or elevator outages, and other factors to ensure that passengers are always moving as quickly and efficiently as possible through the terminal. Or, use motion sensors to detect passengers at toilets and automatically switch wayfinding to the next facility when one is at peak use. And, in case of an emergency, PADS4 offers instant emergency broadcasts with smart-wayfinding, pointing passengers to the nearest exit.

With full touch-screen support, PADS4 makes it easy to develop interactive kiosks to help passengers find their own way, to reduce demand on customer support while boosting customer satisfaction.

Remote Updates and Changes

Manage your wayfinding effortlessly

Stay in control of wayfinding and maps, even on remote transit vehicles. PADS4 offers network management, so you can automatically update screens from a central location, pushing information to screens across the room or across the globe. Simply manually or automatically update information, and PADS4 pushes it to relevant networked screens instantly.
PADS4 offers everything you need to guide passengers through terminals and to their destination.

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