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Infotainment in Transit

Keep visitors entertained

Whether in stations and terminals or in transit vehicles, passengers often have to wait. Infotainment is an easy way to keep travelers entertained while waiting for a connection or transfer, or while in transit. PADS4 connects numerous data sources, helping you deliver useful, relevant, and entertaining information across your digital signage network. With central control, you can push IPTV, weather, news, transit updates, and even social media to signage across your network, keeping passengers informed and entertained. Plus, with screen segmentation and a range of design tools, you can control what’s on display at any time. Infotainment keeps passengers engaged and relaxed, reducing perceived wait times up to 30%, and enabling you to share relevant and useful information to improve travel experiences.

Share Your Data

Comprehensive infotainment solutions

PADS4 connects nearly data source, allowing you to create comprehensive and relevant information. Link PIDS information and show transfers at upcoming stops, share weather advice in real-time for the upcoming destination, and update screens with information when conductors perform ticket checks. Or, share TV and news from local or international stations, create a social media feed and ask passengers to participate with hashtags.

No matter what you want to share, PADS4 offers the tools to present it with beautiful design and layouts, plus a full content management system. Entertain viewers with live TV, allocate sections of screens to show upcoming stops or platforms, and drive revenue with advertising and promotions.

Beautiful Displays Across Your Network

PADS4 offers a full suite of tools to design and share beautiful presentations across your network. Use our content design tools, request custom content, or use your own and share across screens ranging from simple message boards to UltraHD video walls. With beautiful drag & drop templates, PADS4 Crystal CMS, and full design tools, it’s never been easier to create and manage beautiful displays.

What can you do? Integrate multi-media with IPTV, photos, and social media. Share security footage alongside weather and arrival times. Share videos with visual and textual information. PADS4 does it all. Plus, with tools like Viewer Variables, PADS4 makes it easy to reuse the same presentations across your network. Update specific elements of your displays to reflect location or transit/platform number, so you can reuse a single presentation across all your screens.

PADS4 is a full-service PIDS digital signage platform with tools to design, share, and manage displays across your entire network.

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