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Digital Menu Boards Made Simple

Smart and real-time digital menu boards

Drive revenue across shops and food kiosks in stations and terminals with smart, digital menu boards. PADS4 makes it easy to develop and share real-time content on menus in stations and terminals across your network. Simply integrate your data and use logic-based rules to update menu items and ads based on data like time of day or weather. With support for dozens of media types and all your information sources, you can create truly dynamic menus that inform customers, drive sales, and promote products customers need. PADS4 is a full-service digital signage platform, complete with everything you need to create, share, manage, and update content across all your displays.

Plus, with tools like remote management and PADS4 Crystal CMS, PADS4 gives you the control you need over your signage network, while allowing individual restaurant and food vendor owners to update their own menus and signs.

Context-Based Digital Menus

Drive sales with always-relevant food promotions across restaurants and cafes, with context-driven rules. Set up context-based display items, so menus automatically change based on the time of day, weather, and even departure times, like coffee when it’s raining. Keep customers informed with always-relevant menu ads. Train leaving in 5 minutes? There’s still time for a pre-made sandwich and coffee. PADS4 can pull PIDS data from databases and update menus to display your ad just before trains leave, so customers always see what they can order in time.

Entertain & Inform with Dynamic Menus

PADS4 helps you take menus further than ever before. Integrate your data sources and PIDS information directly into menus to offer customers dynamic infotainment. Share real-time queueing estimates, departure times for train, bus, and tram, or link real-time estimates for food preparation, so customers always know how long the wait. Customers always know when their connection is leaving, how long food takes, and how long they have to wait, so they can order without stress.

Or, integrate dynamic infotainment with news, sports, weather, and other infotainment to reduce perceived wait times across your stations and terminals.

Self-Service with Touchscreen Menus

Whether you’re integrating self-service food areas or kiosks to reduce the burden on personnel, digital menus help drive sales, cut queues, and reduce wait times. PADS4 is touchscreen native, supporting a range of touch options with tools to design, share, and manage touchscreen menus. Design interactive layouts, develop beautiful presentations for touch and share simple on-screen functions so customers can order their own food, without waiting or queueing.

One Digital Menu Platform

PADS4 is everything you need to design, share, manage, and update digital menus. With support for all your data sources, including PIDS databases, weather, IPTV, advertising, and much more, PADS4 offers everything you need to develop truly dynamic digital menus. Plus, with PADS4 Crystal CMS, you can easily integrate existing menus or inventory to create simple rules to display products, take them off the menu, or quickly change options based on product availability.

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