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A Full Service PIDS Platform

Share real-time passenger information

PADS4 is a full-service passenger information display system (PIDS), complete with everything you need to share content across stations, terminals, stops, and transit vehicles. With tools to design, manage, share, and maintain digital signage, plus remote management and PADS4 Crystal CMS, PADS4 is the most complete digital signage platform for PIDS. Connect data sources with public transportation schedules, routes to geographic and fare information, to dozens of others, and develop interactive displays sharing real-time information. Update departures/arrivals with platform numbers, share delays in real time, show wayfinding, and move passengers as efficiently as possible from one destination to the next.

PADS4 does it all with simple design tools, and a full-service approach to digital signage software.

Passenger Information Display

PADS4 does it all

Connect all your PIDS data sources to share intuitive arrivals/departures boards, with real-time updates for delays, gate and platform changes, and notifications. PADS4 links and integrates data and pushes it to screens across your network using context-driven rules. You can intuitively share relevant information regarding departures, transfers, wayfinding, and even external data from hotels and airports, making every passenger’s journey that much easier. With tools to design and share beautiful layouts and timetables, update information in real time, and keep passengers informed when delays and outages happen, PADS4 makes it simpler than ever to keep travelers informed.

Security and Emergency

Dynamic guidance

Improve security in terminals and across transit vehicles with digital signage sharing surveillance camera feeds, safety information, and messages. Visible surveillance camera feeds can help to deter vandalism and petty crime or theft in shared public transit vehicles. Signage used for display can also remain multi-purpose, filtering through presentations showing time-to-arrival, upcoming destinations, and even third-party ads. Keep customers up to date as events happen, with real-time notifications and safety alerts or security notices.

Plus, with real-time emergency broadcasting, you can override your system and use every screen on the network to share timely alerts and emergency information.

Infotainment and Ads

Get more from your digital signage network with a full range of features supporting infotainment and advertising. Drive revenue for shops and restaurants across terminals or reduce costs by adding income from third-party advertisers. PADS4 links to web, IPTV, and other data-sources to help you create TV, real-time weather and traffic information, trivia, and even social media entertainment to keep customers engaged and interested.


Guide and inform

Whether across a single terminal or from one destination to another, wayfinding is crucial to successfully navigating public transport. PADS4 offers an easy way to create dynamic and intuitive wayfinding indoors and outdoors, so passengers can quickly find platforms and gates, choose the correct vehicle for their route, and see real-time data ranging from broken escalators to full busses and trains. PADS4 is native to touchscreen, so you can offer interactive maps, smart tools, and real-time updates to direct passengers around traffic, to the correct platform or gate even with changes, and around congestion or construction.


With everything you need to provide comprehensive information across terminals and platforms and in transit vehicles, from one central location, PADS4 is the most complete digital signage platform for PIDS.

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