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Stay in control of passenger flow and queuing across stations, security checks, and ticket areas with smart wayfinding and queuing. PADS4 connects with smart sensors and data tools to help you intelligently guide passengers where they need to be, to reduce missed transfers, cut demand on staff and service, and improve customer satisfaction. With a full suite of tools to help you develop real-time, context-based queueing across terminals, PADS4 makes it easy to manage traveler waiting areas.

Whether your goal is to establish self-service kiosks, interactive touchscreens with 3D maps, or simple pointers and queuing or time-to-arrival estimates, PADS4 does it all.

Smart Terminal Queue Management


Boost customer satisfaction and reduce wait times for travelers with real-time queueing and wait-time estimates. PADS4 makes it easy to integrate data ranging from real-time arrivals for busses, trams, or trains to the number of people in queue, so you can display arrivals and delays, estimated time of queueing, and wait times for ticketing, passport checks, and security checks. Passengers can easily see estimated wait times, so they can maximize their time and reduce frustration. Offer reminders to prepare for security checks, prepare passports, or open luggage at appropriate times, so passengers always know what to do and when. Or, connect digital signage to external data sources to update passengers regarding hotels, taxi and bus, weather, or infotainment to reduce perceived wait times and boost customer satisfaction.

Reduce demand on customer service

Cut demands on customer service and support staff with easy self-help information available across waiting areas. Digital signs automatically keep passengers informed, so they know how long to wait for tickets and security checks, if they can speed things up online, or what they have to do next. Travelers won’t have to contact support because everything they need is already on screen.


Improve the passenger experience

Integrate smart sensors into ticket-booths and passport checks to monitor passenger flow. With smart time-estimates for queueing, you can manage total wait times to meet organizational or government standards. When traffic congestion becomes too much, and ticketing times exceed a few minutes, you can easily open another register to reduce total wait times – while imposing minimal demands on staff. Or, cut total demands on floor space with managed queueing, to either manage how and where passengers queue or to inform passengers when queues are too long, and they can wait elsewhere.


Real-time sensors also combine into wayfinding for better directions and facility-management. Combine motion sensors to detect traffic around ticket-booths, toilets, and cafes and automatically update wayfinding directions to avoid long wait times and traffic congestion when one facility is at peak use.


Need more? PADS4 offers a range of smart wayfinding solutions to guide passenger flow across your stations, terminals and stops.

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