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The most complete digital signage solution

A full-service PIDS solution

Share passenger information, ads, wayfinding, and much more across your terminals and vehicles with PADS4. With a complete Passenger Information Display platform, as well as fully networked digital signage management, PADS4 is everything you need to share, broadcast, and manage data across every screen on your network.

Get in CTRL of Passenger Information Display

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Stay in control of your digital signage network with remote management from a central location. Push data from 70+ sources to screens in real time, with local caching, dynamic rules to sort and display information, and real-time updates so you always stay in control. Plus, with dynamic rules, you can automatically share delays and cancellations, weather, news, and emergency broadcasts so customers stay informed.

A full-service Passenger Information Solution

Real-time content management

Scalable from 1-10,000+ screens

Based on 25 years of industry experience

PADS4 features

Create eye-catching presentations

Design beautiful presentations for Arrivals/Departure and more with PADS4 Designer. With support for multimedia including text, images, video, internet, and live data, PADS4 helps you do more with every screen on your network. Use formats and templates, integrate powerful table elements, or use Crystal CMS to create beautiful displays across your network.

Data-driven signage

Do more with your signage and your data. Link 70+ data sources, from PIDS databases to IPTV and deliver a truly dynamic and engaging experience. PADS4 offers advanced tools including data scrolling, filtering, and conditional rules to help you automatically share data as it happens, so your displays are always up to date. Automatically update Arrivals/Departures, share weather, live news, or anything else you want, you are in control.

Advanced network management

Ensure your displays are always running, with smart network management. PADS4 automatically works to reduce bandwidth usage, prevent downtime, and reduce outages. Automatic data compression, local caching, and data management ensures your presentations are always optimized for maximum performance, even when your network goes down.

Share compelling displays

Design presentations for any display, with full control of resolution, layout, and size. Share to standard, UltraHD, and 4K displays in landscape or portrait format. PADS4 supports everything from simple screens to touchscreen to UltraHD videowalls. PADS4 Viewer optimizes your presentations so they look just as amazing, no matter the screen.

Central network management

Monitor and update your digital signage network from a central location, with PADS4 Agent. Monitor network connections, memory usage, and detailed logs. Save time with automation tools for predefined tasks and recovery. PADS4 Agent makes it easy to manage your entire digital signage network from one room, with simple, centralized control.

Seamless upscaling

Install displays you need now without sacrificing future opportunity. Our smallest digital signage network is just one screen, our largest is 10,000+. Simply install the digital signage you need now and expand with PADS4 Sub Servers as your network grows.

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