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Real-Time Emergency Broadcasts on Digital Signage

Clear and effective communication

Sharing timely emergency alerts and broadcasts is crucial to maintaining public safety during transit. Digital signage is the perfect tool for sharing timely and effective emergency instructions and information, no matter how large your network. PADS4 makes it easy to push real-time updates to any part of your digital signage network, including PIDS displays, advertising and menus across shops and food areas, and directly into transit vehicles.

PADS4 makes it easy to create clear and effective instructions, whether you need to evacuate your entire terminal, or one tram on your rail is affected. With visual displays tying in wayfinding, routes to exits, and real-time updates, customers stay informed at all times.

Emergency and High Priority Broadcasts

Every second counts

Keep passengers safe, with fast and effective emergency evacuation displays. PADS4 ties in all your data so you can quickly set up a message, integrate mapping and wayfinding, and share to all relevant screens with the push of a button. With access to your entire network, you can share emergency instructions to every screen or just one, depending on what’s happening and who’s affected. With support for emergency situations requiring immediate action and high-priority broadcasts such as last-minute changes in transit schedule, amber alerts, emergency weather broadcasts, or police notices, PADS4 supports all your emergency broadcasting needs.

Our simple emergency broadcasting tools allow you to quickly create and share messages in real time, across every relevant screen so customers stay informed.

Emergency Wayfinding Made Simple

Update screens as events occur

PADS4 supports a range of wayfinding solutions including 3D mapping, smart sensors, and touchscreen. Integrate tools to intelligently guide passengers out of terminals and platforms in case of blocked exits or congestion. Inform passengers of their ideal route to take themselves to safety or to a working transit option. Use arrows and visual instructions to improve traffic flow. PADS4 uses context-based rules to allow you to update wayfinding as events occur, direct traffic around problem areas, and change routes if one becomes too congested.

Smart Display of Passenger Information

A complete suite of tools

PADS4 is a full-service digital signage platform for PIDS, with smart tools capable of tackling your every digital signage need. Integrate maps and smart sensors, create wayfinding, and tie in emergency alerts and alarms. Plus, with dynamic rules to define when and how messages are displayed, you can create local emergency alerts for specific platforms and stops or transit vehicles without affecting the rest of your network.

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